HardwareExpert - write programs to work with hardware becomes easier!

The program designed for:

  • Rapid software development, working directly with external equipment (programmers, reading programs, service tools);
  • Work and testing and debugging home-made devices;
  • Creating analyzers and patchers dumps and firmware.

It runs in Microsoft Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7 and most modern distros GNU / Linux (requires Qt 4.0 +).

HardwareExpert includes:

  • The programming language S-Lang - built-in interpreter of C-like programming language. High performance is ensured by pre-compiled into byte code;
  • Built-in code editor with syntax highlighting;
  • A large number of built-in functions:
    • to work with binary data;
    • for direct work with Serial (including the USB-COM, and USB-UART) and LPT ports;
    • для работы с шиной I2C, в соответствии с спецификацией через адаптер и драйвер Micronas, (спасибо Postal2 с сайта monitor.net.ru);
    • to work with the I2C bus, in accordance with the specification over adapter and driver Micronas, (thanks to Postal2 from monitor.net.ru)
    • UI elements;
    • using high resolution timer;
  • HEX-editor with search and comparison;
  • Detailed help with examples (in russian);
  • User interface in English and Russian languages.

The program is distributed in the open source, under GPL .

Download HardwareExpert

Download scripts for HardwareExpert

Under development:

  • Editor with code completion;
  • Linux LPT support over ppdev;
  • USB support over libUSB;
  • Intelligent search in HEX-Editor;
  • Smart adapters with the external controllers;
  • The data logger / logic analyzer;

The program runs on MS Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7 and GNU / Linux, as well as on x64 OS.

Warning: The program is under the testing. About the bugs you can report on the forum.